What is JPlugger?


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JPlugger is a lightweight but powerful component and plugin for Joomla! that can replace the most typically used components. Clean up your Joomla! installation and just have one extension that handles dozens of tasks. And the best is, JPlugger is free to use.

What can you do with JPlugger?

Jplugger executes 'Tags' on a page when this page is loading. These Tags can be written by yourself with a few PHP skills. Or you can choose to use or customize some of our written Tags. There are currently dozens of different available Tags that extend the functionality of your page with ease. You want to have a map on your page that displays your location? No problem get the "Map"-Tag and write on the page where it should display:

  {Map latitude="51.16" longitude="6.88" /}

Et voilà! You want to have a lightbox for your images? Get the Lightbox-Tag and write on the page where your images are:

  Your images go here

That's it.

Jplugger itself has just around 80 KB and every Tag itself (depending on the Tag) adds also just several kilobytes to your backend so it's very small if you compare the possible functionality which could be added compared to other components. And it does not slow down your Website, because JPlugger just gets executed when there is actual a Tag that gets rendered.

You can also write your own Tags to enhance your website with the help of JPlugger. It's now easier and faster to add functionality to your site than ever before. Most of the time it's not necessary to write a whole component or plugin with all the bloated structure. Just write the required code. There is a guide that helps you to get started.

What do you need to use JPlugger?

Register on JPlugger.com. Then you can download and install the component and the plugin. Both is free!

For using our JPlugger-Tags you only need to read Getting started with JPlugger.

If you want to write your own Tag or customize another one, you need a few knowledge about PHP and/or HTML/CSS/JavaScript if needed. Have a look at this tutorial.

You want to publish your own Tags? Then you need the JPlugger-Publisher. Have a look at the download area. JPlugger uses the GPLv3.

You need help or you want a specific feature that we should implement for you? We have subscriptions where your wishes are treated preferentially. Also you get earlier access to new Tags than others.


Whykiki has published a JPlugger tutorial on Youtube in german language.

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