Opener and Closer for used Tags

JPlugger has predefined "{" and "[" as opening brackets and "}" and "]" as closing brackets for Tags.

By default JPlugger uses the "{" and "}".

Under "Components->JPlugger->Opener and Closer" you can define your own opening and closing brackets. For the most users is this not necessary.

For each Tag you can select a different pair of opening and closing brackets.

The opener and closer with the id 1 can not be deleted, id 1 is always needed. And you can delete opener/closer only if they aren't used in any Tag.

If you create a new object or edit an existing object you find the fields name, opener and closer.

The name for the opener/closer pair is the displayed name. It is for easier recognition in the Tag.

Enter one character for the opener and one character for the closer. But using a practicable character for inserting in a text is more customer friendly.

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