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What is JPlugger?

JPlugger is a component and a Plugin for Joomla! and is free to use. JPlugger uses the GPLv3.

What can you do with JPlugger, or for what can it be used?

You can write your own tags in JPlugger or just pick one of the "ready to use tags", which are delivered by or third party publishers.

JPlugger makes it easier to write your own code. It's not necessary to write your own plugin or / and component. Just write the required code.

What do you need?

For writing code, you need knowledge about PHP and/or HTML / CSS / Java-Script if needed.

For using JPlugger-Tags you only need to read Getting started with JPlugger.

You want to publish your own code? It's possible, you need JPlugger-Publisher. Have a look at the download area.

JPlugger is free, you need only a registration to download the component and plugin.

Support for JPlugger only in the internal forum!

No support by email. The only answer on your email will be: "ask in the internal forum".