Getting started with JPlugger

It's easy to install and use JPlugger. You just need an actual Joomla! installation and a free account on jplugger.com.

If you haven't created an account yet, you need to register first.

Note: For each domain you need an account and own download. Updates are available as long as you have an account for this site. With other words, no account - no downloads - no updates - no help.

Go to the download area and grab the latest files of

  • com_jplugger-x.x.x and
  • plg_jplugger-x.x.x

and install first the component and then the plugin through the Joomla! Extension Manager.

Then enable the plugin in the Plugin Manger (Extensions->Plugin Manger).

Now you are ready to use tags.

If you have found a nice tag, you need the ID of the tag which can be found on the page List of Tags or at the bottom in the documentation of each tag (if you're logged in).

Open the JPlugger Import tool (Components->JPlugger->Import tool).

Enter your username and password from your account that you've created before and insert the ID of the tag in the appropriate field. Then click submit.

If you just see the the field "XML C&P", your host provider probably does not support making URL connections. In this case you have to download the XML data. Click on the download arrow behind the ID and download the file. Open it in a simple text editor like notepad (on some tags it can take a few seconds). Select the whole text (ctrl + a) and copy it (ctrl + c). Paste it (ctrl + v) in the field "XML C&P" in the import tool and press submit.

Now you can use the tag on every page.

For the exact usage of each Tag click on the appropriate Tag at the Tag-List.

Go on with Basics for the usage of Tags.


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