JPlugger Publisher

Using the JPlugger Publisher, you can deliver your own written Tags from the server the program is installed on.

In the Publisher you can make various changes.

Menu Publishers

Status: Whether the entry is published or not.

Tag ID: ID of the Tag to be published.

Associated tags: Other Tags that are used in this one. Useful when creating nested Tags. e.g.: {tabs}{tab1}...{/tab}{tab2}...{/tab}{/tabs}

Groups: Groups that are allowed to download the Tag.

To be able to download it you need a menu item in the shadow menu of the Timer. In the options you can choose whether you need a login to download it or not.

After creating the menu point you can then publish the URL which the user will be able to copy into JPlugger.

If you want to provide a direct download to copy and paste the data you can link to it.

The format is /index.php?option=com_jplugger_publisher&view=publisher&tmpl=component&id={Your Publisher-ID}

Menu Timers

The Timer is used if you want to open access to different groups on different dates.

For this purpose you need the Tag-ID, the groups you want to give access rights and the dates on which it should happen.

To be able to use the timer you need a menu item in its shadow menu.

This menu item can be called once a day with a Cronjob to work off the timers.


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