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{Printer button_text="string" name="string" wrapper="true|false" position="enumeration"} Your Content {/Printer}

Maybe you know the problem: You need information from a website and want to print them out, but all unnecessary menus and header are printed too.

With this tag you can print just one element or part of your Website i. e. a table or image.

Parameters for Printer:

button_text: Defines the text on the print button.

Default: Print

name: A unique name for this print section. (If you want to style this element.)

Default: auto generated value

wrapper: Specifies if the surrounding div, which is generated by this tag, should be selected too or just your pure content. On the print page this div gets assigned a fixed width, so it is exactly as wide as it is on the the original page.

Default: true

position: Defines if the print button should appear before or after the content.

Default: after

Possible values: before, after

How to use it:

{Printer wrapper="false"}
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