{CookieConsent version="string" protocol="enumeration" message="string" dismiss="string" learn_more="string" link="string" container="string" theme="string" path="string" domain="string" expiry_days="integer" /}

You need to apply to the EU e-Privacy Directive for cookies? Then this is the Tag for you.

The Tag uses the CookieConsent library. It displays a customisable message to the user about the cookie policy on your site.

Parameters for CookieConsent:

version: Defines the used version of the library. Specify latest for using always the newest version. See GitHub for the releases.

Default: 1.0.9

protocol: Defines if the library is loaded via an encrypted connection or not. You need to specify https if your site is encrypted due to mixed content warning of browsers.

Default: http

Possible values: http, https

message: A message displayed for the use of cookies on your site.

Default:This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website

dismiss: Defines text on the dismiss button.

Default: Got it!

learn_more: The text on the link to your cookie policy.

Default: More info

link: The link to your cookie policy. By default it is hidden.

Default: null

container: Specifies the element the cookie notification should be appended to. By default it is apended to the body.

Default: null

theme: Defines the theme that you want to use. You can also specify a URL to your own custom CSS file. Specify "false" for not loading CSS.

Default: light-floating

path: Limits the Tag to only act on a specific path on your website.

Default: /

domain: The domain that should be used by Cookie Consent.

Default: The current subdomain

expiry_days: The number of days the choice of the user is saved.

Default: 365

For further information on the parameters or the underlying library visit https://silktide.com/tools/cookie-consent/docs/installation/

How to use it:

{CookieConsent version="latest" message="We use cookies." /}


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Updated to version 1.0.9 (This is now the default version)


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