{DownloadDelay downloadURL="string" delay="integer" delayText="string" linkText="string" autostart="true|false" class="string" /}

Starts a download after a specified delay.

A counter is presented during the delay. After the counter has expired the download can be started manually or automatically.

Params for DownloadDelay:

downloadURL (required): The path to file that should be downloaded


delay: Specifies how long the download should be delayed in seconds.

Default: 10

delayText: Defines a text that appears only during the delay.


linkText: Defines the text on the link/button.

Default: Download

autostart: Specifies if the download should start automatically after the timer.

Default: false

class: Set a specific CSS class for the download link.

Default: btn jp-download_delay-button

How to use it:

{DownloadDelay downloadurl="/images/jplugger/9/jplugger_publish_11.png" linktext="Get it!" counter="15" countertext="Please wait a moment: " /}


Available for:


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