{DisplayToGroup groups="list" visibility="boolean"} content {/DisplayToGroup}

Just shows the content in the tag to a user that is in one of the specified groups.

Params for DisplayToGroup:

groups (required): A comma separated list with the group ID's to whom the content should be displayed.

Default: none

visibility: If set to "false", it inverts the groups attribute. Then the groups attribute is specifying to whom the content should NOT be displayed.

Default: true

How to use it:

{DisplayToGroup groups="21, 24, 25"}
This can see only registered people and those with a JPlugger subscription.

{DisplayToGroup groups="18"}
This can see all guests.

{DisplayToGroup visibility="false" groups="18"}
This CAN'T see the guests but all other.


This can see all guests.

Available for:


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