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{Gallery size="enumeration" type="enumeration" imageGap="integer" maintainOrder="boolean" background="string"} images {/Gallery}

Resizes and orders all images in a vertical or horizontal gallery.

Params for Gallery:

size: Defines the size of the images.

Possible values: largest, larger, large, medium-large, medium, medium-small, small, smaller, smallest

Default: medium-large

orientation: Specifies the orientation of the images in the gallery.

Possible values: horizontal, vertical

Default: horizontal

imageGap: Sets the width between the images.

Default: 5

maintainOrder: Defines if the images are shown in the same order as they are in the article or not. If set to 'false' on every pageload the images appear on different positions. Also by setting this option to 'false' can sometimes help to achieve a more homogenous gallery.

Possible values: true, false

Default: true

background: Sets the background. Can be a color or an image.

Default: none

How to use it:

{gallery size="medium-large"}

Here goes your images.


Example: (horizontal)


2017-02-21: CSS fix for Firefox that prevents an image wrap on vertical galleries

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