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{Clock title="string" offset="integer" dst="boolean" digital="boolean" analog="boolean" timeformat="pattern" date="boolean" dateformat="pattern" skin="enum"/}

Displays the actual time for any given region on the world on an analog clock and/or in digital form on your page. You can format the time and also display and format the date. This tag is based on jClocksGMT.

Params for Clock:

title: The name of the country/region the displayed time belongs to.

default: Greenwich, England

offset: The offset of your time zone to the UTC. I. e. "+1" for Berlin and MEZ or "-5" for New York

default: 0

dst: Set to "true" if your region observe daylight saving time. (Set "false" if the location does not need to observe dst.)

default: true

digital: Set to "false" if you don't want to display a digital clock.

default: true

analog: Set to "false" if you don't want to display an analog clock.

default: true

time_format: Specify a format in which the digital clock should be displayed. Also popular "hh:mm A" (12-hour format; default 24-hour format)

default: HH:mm

date: Set to true if you want to display the date.

default: false

date_format: Format the date with this pattern. For asia it is mostly YYYY-MM-DD; in nothern america MM/DD/YYYY

default: DD.MM.YYYY

skin: Use this parameter if you want to use another skin for the analog clock.

possible values: 1, 2, 3 or 4

default: 1

How to use it:

{Clock title="Düsseldorf, Germany" offset="+1" time_format="HH:mm:ss"/}


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