{Clock title="string" offset="integer" dst="boolean" digital="boolean" analog="boolean" timeformat="pattern" date="boolean" dateformat="pattern" skin="enum"/}

Displays the actual time for any given region on the world on an analog clock and/or in digital form on your page. You can format the time and also display and format the date. This tag is based on jClocksGMT.

With the Tag Counter you have another possibility to create a digital fliping clock.

Params for Clock:

title: The name of the country/region the displayed time belongs to.

default: Greenwich, England

offset: The offset of your time zone to the UTC. I. e. "+1" for Berlin and MEZ or "-5" for New York

default: 0

dst: Set to "true" if your region observe daylight saving time. (Set "false" if the location does not need to observe dst.)

default: true

digital: Set to "false" if you don't want to display a digital clock.

default: true

analog: Set to "false" if you don't want to display an analog clock.

default: true

time_format: Specify a format in which the digital clock should be displayed. Also popular "hh:mm A" (12-hour format; default 24-hour format)

default: HH:mm

date: Set to true if you want to display the date.

default: false

date_format: Format the date with this pattern. For asia it is mostly YYYY-MM-DD; in nothern america MM/DD/YYYY

default: DD.MM.YYYY

skin: Use this parameter if you want to use another skin for the analog clock.

possible values: 1, 2, 3 or 4

default: 1

How to use it:

{Clock title="Düsseldorf, Germany" offset="+1" time_format="HH:mm:ss"/}


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