{Parallax center="boolean" selector="string"}element to be animated{/Parallax}

Lets you display elements on the page with a parallax effect.

Based on the rellax library.

Params for Parallax:

center: Defines if the parallaxed element should be on his original position when this position scolls in the center of the viewport. Otherwise the element starts parallaxing from its position in the html.

possible values: true, false

default: true

selector: An element/elements that should get the parallax effect. I.e. an class (.rellax), an Id (#rellax) or a tag (img). If no selector is specified, the tag parallaxes the content between the tag.

possible values: everything that is possible to select with css expressions

default: none

speed: Specifies how "fast" the element should scroll. Positive values mean that the element should scoll faster than the page, while negative values mean that the element should scroll slower than the rest of the page.

possible values: -10 to 10

default: -2

How to use it:

{Parallax selector="._menu" center="false" speed="-4"}{/Parallax}
{Parallax speed="2"}Let me scroll independent of the rest of the page.{/Parallax}


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