{LazyLoad}images/videos/iframes/... to be lazy loaded{/LazyLoad}

Lets you lazy load all HTML-elements that have an src-attribute like images or HTML5-videos.

Do you have many images or videos that slow down the initial loading of the page and put many traffic on your server? With this tag only the elements that are visible to the user are initially loaded. Do you have an image gallery or long text with many images? Use this tag to load them only once the user scrolls down and the images would become visible in the viewport of the browser. This can dramatically reduce the page load and the duration till the page is fully rendered.

Tip: If you know the final dimensions of the image set the "height" and "width" value of the img-tag to reserve the appropriate space before the image gets loaded. This can help to avoid layout restructuring and unnecessary image loadings.

Params for LazyLoad:

offset: The offset controls how early you want the elements to be loaded before they are visible. Default is 150, so 150px before an element is visible it will start loading.

possible values: all valid numbers for pixels

default: 150

How to use it:




In the example are other images used to make the effect more visible, so the images aren't loaded from cache.

Available for:

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