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{OnHashTriggerClick Hash="hashtag ..." Click="selector ..."/}

The hash in the address bar knows everyone and if you, for example, open a specific tab, so you have to trigger a click so that the tab is opened.

Params for OnHashTriggerClick:

hash: Hash for reaction on, space separated.

click: Selector to click, space separated.

How to use it:

{OnHashTriggerClick hash="#tab1s #tab2s #tab3s" click="a[href*=tab1] a[href*=tab2] a[href*=tab3]"/}


Hint: You can use external menu entries with anchors like #somethingelse

Have a look at the displayed browser url. You can see #tab1s #tab2s #tab3s append to the normal url.

OnHashTriggerClick is based on Ben Alman & jQuery hashchange event.

Available for: