{ExitIntend title="your title" closer="Your closing text" width="value" height="value"} Your Message {/ExitIntend}

SEOis all the rage, and how you canbestnortheuserbe notifiedwhen it ison the way, thatwindowto close. Perhaps moreof an appointment, meeting, or to subscribeto thenewsletterlistto keepup to date.

A "Exit Intend" box, if the user want to close the window.

Params for ExitIntend:

title: Your title for the modal box.

closer: Your text for the closer button.

width: Width of the box.

height: Height of the box.

Based on ouibounce

How to use it:

{ExitIntend title="Exit Intend" closer="No Thanks" width="20%" height="20%"}
Place your Text or formular here.


Move the cursor up to close this tab/window.


2017-09-01: Added high z-index for the modal dialog to overlay every page element.

Available for:

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