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{ExitIntend title="your title" closer="Your closing text" width="value" height="value"} Your Message {/ExitIntend}

SEO is all the rage, and how you can best nor the user be notified when it is on the way, that window to close. Perhaps more of an appointment, meeting, or to subscribe to the newsletter list to keep up to date.

A "Exit Intend" box, if the user want to close the window.

Params for ExitIntend:

title: Your title for the modal box.

closer: Your text for the closer button.

width: Width of the box.

height: Height of the box.

Based on ouibounce

How to use it:

{ExitIntend title="Exit Intend" closer="No Thanks" width="20%" height="20%"}
Place your Text or formular here.


Move up to close window.

Available for: