{OnPageIdAddClass selector="selector" schowclass="true"/}

Sometimes you need, based on the ID of the page, a additional class that is valid only for the page. One might, for example, the background change the image or the color of an element. Thus one does not have to intervene in the index.php, you can use OnPageIdAddClass to add a class. Then you can add the CSS file the appropriate CSS code.

Params for OnPageIdAddClass:

selector: The selector to add the additional class.

showclass: Shows a help for CSS code for adding to the CSS file.

How to use it:

{OnPageIdAddClass selector=".well:nth-child(3)"/}  // adding the additional class
{AddCss}.JPClass106{background-color: gold; }{/AddCss} // set the color for the background


Only on this page the documentation menu on the right side is the background gold.

Available for:


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