{CollapseAndExpand selectors="selectors" opener="URL" closer="URL" text="text" cookieTime="number" /}

HideandShowentitiesas needed? Butwhat ifthisdoes not provide forthe template? Simplyretrofit. WithCollapseandExpandYou can retrofitanyentitywith a buttonandifyou wish,then the statecan also be storedin a cookie, the time forthe cookiethey pretend.

Params for CollapseAndExpand:

selectors: The selectors for the entities to add the opener/closer, space separated.

opener: If you want to use a other image for the opener.

closer: if you want to use a other image for the closer

text: if you want to show a text after the opener / closer.

cookietime: set the life time of the cookie for the opener / closer. Defaut 0, no cookies used.

We have add free images to this tag from http://www.shapes4free.com, if you want use a other image.

How to use it:

{CollapseAndExpand selectors=".well._menu"/}

Example: On the right sidewe havetheMain Menuaddeda button.

Available for:


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