{BootstrapDialogPopup option="option" timer="msec" title="title" closer"text" width="value" height="value" /} content {BootstrapDialogPopup}

Make use of Bootstrap's modal more monkey-friendly. You can use it as timer or as Exit Ident. ou can specify the content directly, or a URL from which the content is loaded.

Based on "Make use of Bootstrap's modal more monkey-friendly"

Params for BootstrapDialogPopup with default values:

common options

title: The title of the modal box
closer: The text for the close button, default "Close"
width: Width of the modal box
height: Height of the modal box

option: timer or ExitIdend

On option timer
timer: Set the time in msec (5000 for 5sec.)

On option ExitIdend
no optional parameters.

content the given content between opener and closer tag
url a URL for loading content

How to use it:

{BootstrapDialogPopup option="exitidend" title="Exit Idend"}Thanks for the visit :){/BootstrapDialogPopup}
{BootstrapDialogPopup option="timer" timer="5000" title="Load URL" url="https://www.jplugger.com/url-loremipsum?tmpl=component" /}


For example we added the three lines of the "How to used". Wait 5 for the popup and than try to leave the page.

Available for:


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