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{Lightbox caption="boolean" loop="boolean"} just images or mixed content {/Lightbox}

With this Tag you can easily add a light box for the images on your page. You can even view them in fullscreen and click through all images.

Params for Lightbox:

caption: Specifies if a caption should be displayed for the images (if there is one) or not. The text for the caption is taken from the title and alt attributes of the image.

Default: true

Possible Values: true, false

loop: Defines what should happen on the first/last image in the lightbox. Begin rotation again from first/last image or close lightbox (loop="false").

Default: true

Possible values: true, false

How to use it:



click on one image


2017-09-01: Added caption support for images and settings to turn on/off caption support and looping through the images.

Available for:


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