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{SocialButton lang="enum" services="enum" orientation="enum" theme="enum" url="string" title="string" referrer_track="string" flattr_category="string" flattr_user="string" mail_subject="string" mail_body="string" mail_url="string" media_url="string" twitter_via="string" /}

Embeds the sharing buttons of the most used social services in a privacy friendly manner.

With this tag you can embed all important sharing button of your used services. On top of that no data is send to services until the user clicks on a button. This helps you and your users from not being permanently tracked by certain services but keeping the advantages of the sharing buttons. This tag relies on the good work of the shariff project.

Params for SocialButton:

lang: Sepcifies the language of the on the share buttons.

possible values: bg, de, en, es, fi, hr, hu, ja, ko, no, pl, pt, ro, ru, sk, sl, sr, sv, tr, zh

default: de

services: Defines which social services/networks should be displayed. All services should be stated as a comma separated list.

possible values: twitter, facebook, googleplus, linkedin, pinterest, xing, whatsapp, mail, info, addthis, tumblr, flattr, diaspora, reddit, stumbleupon, threema, weibo, tencent-weibo, qzone

default: "twitter, facebook, googleplus, info"

orientation: Defines if the buttons should be displayed next to each other or if they should be stacked vertically.

possible values: horizontal, vertical

default: horizontal

theme: Defines the standard look of the buttons.

possible values: standard, grey, white

default: standard

url: Specifies the page that should be checked for sharing.

default: The canoical URL of the page or og:url or the current URL

title: Specifies the title that should be used as share text in Twitter/Whatsapp.

default: DC.title/DC.creator or <title> of the actual page

referrer_track: Secifies an optional string that is appended to the share URL.

default: none

flattr_category: Defines the category that is used for flattr.

default: none

flattr_user: Specifies the user that receives the Flattr donation.

default: none

mail_url: The URL target used for the mail service. Most likely a "mailto:" should be used.

default: ?view=mail

mail_subject: If a "mailto:" link is used in the parameter "mail_url", then this value is used as the subject of the mail.

default: DC.title/DC.creator or <title> of the actual page

mail_body: If a "mailto:" link is used in the parameter "mail_url", then this value is used as the body of the mail.

default: The canoical URL of the page or og:url or the current URL

media_url: (Only for pinterest) A media URL that is shared.

default: none

twiter_via: Specifies the screen name of the user to attribute the Tweet to

default: none

How to use it:

{SocialButton lang="en" orientation="horizontal" services="twitter, facebook, googleplus, linkedin, pinterest, xing, whatsapp" theme="standard"/}


Do they look familiar to you? :)

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