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{NoAdBlocker selector=".banneritem" size="30" waittime="5000" redirect="http://spzu.de/adblocker" / }

Detect thats the user has a adblocker active and send him to the redirected page.

Params for NoAdBlocker:

selector: the selector to your advertisment.

a CSS selector

Default: .banneritem

size: detection hight of the banner place if the banner ist not displayed (blocked)

Size must be lower or equal the given size.

Default: 30

waittime: wait n millisec before rederect.

Wait until the banner is fully loaded.

Default: 5000

redirect: URL to redrect to, if a adblocker detected

FQDN like http://spzu.de/adblocker

Default: http://spzu.de/adblocker

Put the tag in a custom modul, place it on position debug, switch the 'Prepare Content' on and on 'Menu Assignment' select 'On all pages except those selected', than deselect all entries and select the redirected page.

How to use it:

{NoAdBlocker selector=".banneritem" size="30" waittime="5000" redirect="http://spzu.de/adblocker" /}
No demo on this page, you can see it on http://spzu.de if you have a adblocker

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