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{NoDisposableEmailCheck selector="" greentext="" yellowtext="" redtext="" errortext="" / }

Checking a e-mail address for disposable email. This tag needs the library from https://www.no-disposable-email.com

Params for NoDisposableEmailCheck:

selector: the selector of the input field to check for disposable email.

greentext: the text for displaying its all fine. (title tag of the image)

default: All is fine!

yellowtext: this text for displaying if somthing is wrong with the email adress. (title tag of the image)

default: The domain name could not be resolved. Maybe a typo or no DNS MX record available.

redtext: the text for displaying if it is a disposable e-mail address (title tag of the image)

default: This e-mail domain is not desired. Please choose a different e-mail domain!

errortext: the text for displaying if a other error occured. (title tag of the image)

default: An error has been occured, please contact the Administrator.

The tag called via Ajax to a tag tag NoDisposableEmailCheckAjax to check for disposalbe email adress, so you need the JPluggerAjaxBase tag. See JPluggerAjaxBase

If you want to change the output, you must modifiy the tag NoDisposableEmailCheckAjax

How to use it:

{JPluggerAjaxBase /}
{NoDisposableEmailCheck selector="#AInputField" /}

Example: Add your e-mail address to the input field and wait a second or click outside of the input field. Than hover over the green, yellow or red dot.

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