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PreloadRawFromDB / DisplayColumnFromDB

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{PreloadRawFromDB table="" select_field_name="" select_field_value="" store_name="" / }

Get a single Row from the Database by given table, field name and field value. Can be called several times to preload data.

{DisplayColumnFromDB store_name="" column_name="" / }

Outputs a field (column) from a stored record.

It is better and faster as GetFieldFromDB, if you need more than one field for the output.

Params PreloadRawFromDB:

table: table name to use.

default: none

select_field_name: the field name for the query

default: none

select_field_value: the value for the query

default: none

store_name: name for later use by DisplayColumnFromDB

default: none

Params DisplayColumnFromDB:

store_name: name of the preloaded data (see PreloadRawFromDB)

column_name: column name for the output field

How to use it:

// To load the table
{PreloadRawFromDB table="#__contact_details" select_field_name="id" select_field_value="1" store_name="contact_infos" /}
// To display the the column
{DisplayColumnFromDB store_name="contact_infos" column-name="name" } / {DisplayColumnFromDB store_name="contact_infos" column-name="con_position" }


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