§ 5 Service provision

  1. The service provision will occur, unless otherwise specified, within 14 days after receiving all necessary materials needed to do so.
  2. The provider is legally bound to provide the services specified in the description of the general or custom-made offer. These will be provided to the best of their knowledge and volition or through third parties. Unless further specified certain success is not guaranteed.
  3. The customer is bound to cooperation as far as the provider needs further information to provide their services. The customer is bound to provide needed resp. relevant information immediately when the contract is concluded. Information that the customer later obtained is to be immediately relayed to the provider. This information will not lead to a extension of the contract but may require a new offer and contract note.
  4. The customer is bound to not transmit data whose contents violate third-party laws, especially copyright laws, rights to a name, trademark laws or transgress general laws. The customer explicitly exempts the provider from all third-party claims made in this context. This includes the costs of needed legal representatives. The provider is not obligated to monitor the transmitted data for statutory violation.

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