§ 6 Copyright and usage license

  1. All texts,graphics, images, designs and logos created by the provider are subject to copyright laws. Without explicit consent by the provider use, reproduction or change of selected parts or full contents is forbidden.
  2. Unless specified the provider transmits a temporally unlimited usage right for the content that was created by the provider to the customer. It is explicitly forbidden for the customer to distribute the copyrighted works to third parties whether for commercial or private use.
  3. The copyrighted works may contain an author's designation. Removal or change of this designation without explicit consent by the provider is forbidden.
  4. Should the customer culpably violate the provider's right for designation of authorship in accordance with § 6 para. 3 the customer is committed to a payment of 50% of the agreed on compensation to the provider. The customer is allowed to provide evidence that the damage done is non-existent or significantly lower than the contractual penalty.

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