Privacy Policy for use of Google +1

Collection and transmission of data:

With the Google +1 button you can publish information worldwide. Through the Google +1 button you and other users get personalized content by Google and our partners. Google saves both the information that you have given something an +1 and informations of the site on which you did. Your +1 can be displayed together with your username and picture in Google services, such as search queries, on your Google profile, on other sites and on advertisements on the internet.

Google records data on your +1 activities to improve the Google services for you and others. To be able to use the Google +1 button you need a public profile that is visible worldwide and whis has to at least contain the chosen profile name. This name will be used in all Google services. In some cases can th
Usage of the collected data:

Aside from the purposes explained above the data given by you will be used according to the current Google privacy policy. Google may publish collected statistics on the +1 activities of the users and may relay data to users and partners such as publishers, advertisers or connected websites.

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