2017-04-07 V 1.0.13 Fixing problem with empty values in Tags


2017-03-31 V 1.1.2 Fixing storing checkbox in hosts

2016-11-13 V 1.1.1 Fixing storing checkbox in tags

2016-04-19 V 1.0.10 Fix for PHP7 on ZipAchive to import tags.

2015-09-02 V 1.0.9 Switching off the import fields if cURL not available.

2015-09-01 V 1.0.8 Fixing typos in the language files.

2015-08-31 V 1.0.7 Fixing import tool, on Linux can it be, that the answer is interpreted incorect.

2015-08-20 V 1.0.6 Fixing showing Plugin active / deactive.

2015-08-19 V 1.0.5 Fixing update server - the versions before this version don't make a update

2015-08-15 V 1.0.4 Adding copyright informations to all files

2015-08-05 V 1.0.3 Changing get to post for the importer comunication with the tag server.

2015-08-03 V 1.0.2 A little fix in the import function for the communication with SSL conntections.

2015-08-01 V 1.0.1 First release.